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We are a non-profit, community-based organization that creates and preserves affordable homeownership opportunities for working households in suburban Hennepin County.

Since 2001, we have helped over 200 workforce families earning less than 80% Area Median Income (AMI) become homeowners by acquiring, remodeling and selling properties through proven Community Land Trust practice (CLT) that:

> Allows qualified clients to purchase the home and lease the land at a nominal fee.

> Reduces the mortgage, down payment and closing costs.

This means that families can more easily purchase a home, retain it for generations, and work in or near their communities. As a result, both our families and communities can rely on affordable homeownership opportunities and a stronger local workforce. LEARN MORE ABOUT HWR

> Quality properties
> Affordable homes
> Attractive suburban locations
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> Expanded homeownership opportunities
> Retained community wealth
> Enhanced residential stability
> Preserved housing affordability new-community_03

Testimonials from Our Homeowners

New Home, New Beginning, New Memories

After renting for many years, Melissa was ready to look for a home close to work and family in the Twin Cities. “As a new home buyer, we looked for over a year at all our options to find a home we could afford and were very happy when we found the Community Land Trust program called...

It’s All about Family

In 2008, Kissy was in the process of trying to buy her first home when a friend told her about Homes Within Reach (HWR). “I was looking for a quiet neighborhood to raise my children,” said Kissy. “I was living with my mom and had just delivered my youngest child, a micro-preemie...

It was Everything We Were Looking For!

After five years of renting and working as property caretakers, Chris and Sara were ready to look for a home of their own in the City of Maple Grove. “We were tired of renting because we didn’t feel like the home was our own. We wanted to break out of our shell and feel...

Homeownership Grounded and Grew Relationships in Every Aspect of Our Family’s Lives

Chris and Angela had always rented and had never heard of the concept of land trusts until their personal and professional journey led them to Minnesota in 2010. “We started dating in high school and married halfway through college while attending the University of...

Homeownership in Bloomington: A Dream Come True for a Young Family

Ashley and Danny both grew up in Bloomington and wanted to raise their children in the community they’ve always called home. “We started saving for our first house after our second child was born in 2012.  Our two children shared a bedroom and by November 2016 we were...

Our Forever Home

For nine years Thomas and Angela were happy Twin City renters, living seven years in a Minneapolis apartment and two years in a St. Louis Park townhome. “I liked renting when I was single, and newly engaged and even with one child. We just had a key and no responsibility,” said...

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