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Homes Within Reach is a non-profit, community-based organization that receives funding from private and public resources. We are fortunate and thankful for the support from our major funders and organizational and individual donors.

Our Vision

To transform people’s lives through homeownership.

Our Mission

To use the Community Land Trust practice to create and preserve affordable homeownership for families in suburban Hennepin County.

Our Core Values

  • Belief in homeownership.
  • Bringing stability into people’s lives.
  • Creating value for communities and families.

Why Give?

Since 2002, we have helped over 140 workforce families earning less than 80% Area Median Income (AMI) become homeowners by acquiring, remodeling and selling properties through our proven Community Land Trust practice (CLT) that:

> Allows qualified clients to purchase the home and lease the land at a nominal fee.

> Reduces the mortgage, down payment and closing costs.

This means that families can more easily purchase a home, retain it for generations, and work in or near their communities.

As a result, both our families and communities can rely on affordable homeownership opportunities and a stronger local workforce.

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Our 16th year
of operations


Total of families we’ve
helped since 2002


Hennepin County
community partners

Homeowner benefits
  • Quality, safe homes
  • Affordable monthly mortgage payments
  • Attractive suburban locations
Community benefits
  • Stable local workforce
  • Property improvement
  • Retained community wealth

Five Year Strategic Plan goals
  1. Offer effective programs that will sustain and grow HWR.
  2. Be financially stable, efficient and transparent.
  3. Strengthen community partnerships.
  4. Influence policies and regulations that support the HWR mission.


Feel free to contact us with fund related questions or more information.

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Want to help families enjoy the security of homeownership while supporting the communities where they live and work?