Eligibility and Application Details

You are eligible for an HWR homeownership opportunity if you meet the following criteria:

red_oneYou plan to purchase a home in suburban Hennepin County.

red_2You have a stable source or sources of income.

red_3Your annual household income is less than these 2019 household size maximum income limits:

1 person $54,950

2 person $62,800

3 person $70,650

4 person $78,500

5 person $84,800

6 person $91,100

7 person $97,350

8 person $103,650

red_4You are least 21 years of age.

red_5The home must be owner occupied.

red_sixYou are a citizen or legal resident of the United States.

It’s a simple and straightforward process to become an HWR member and determine your eligibility for homeownership.

blue_1Submit the Homes Within Reach Application along with required financial attachments (as noted on page 1 of the application), payment for credit report will be collected after initial review of application.


blue_2HWR will review the application and contact you regarding application status and the next steps to homeownership. Please note more information may be requested during this process.

blue_3Once the application is approved, a required Information Meeting will be scheduled to give you a greater understanding of the community land trust model and process.


We will be happy to provide more details on eligibility and general program information.
Contact us at 952-401-7071 or info@homeswithinreach.org or visit our frequently asked questions page.
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