About Homes Within Reach

A legacy of partnership, innovation and growth.

As of December 2017, HWR has completed over a decade of commitment to transforming lives through homeownership by assisting 163 families become homeowners in 12 suburban Hennepin County communities.


Our 16th year
of operations


Total of families we’ve
helped since 2002


Hennepin County
community partners

Our success and growth are the result of public and private community partnerships, diligent and proactive work by our board and staff, and the commitment of our homeowners.

We are funded by local, state and federal grants as well as individual and organizational private donations.

Our Vision

To transform people’s lives through homeownership.

Our Mission

To use the Community Land Trust practice to create and preserve affordable homeownership for families in suburban Hennepin County.

Our Core Values

> Belief in homeownership.

> Bringing stability into people’s lives.

> Creating value for communities and families.

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